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First Registered: 06/10/2021 • Last updated on: 29/12/2021

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To advance equality, diversity and inclusivity (EDI) in government policy considerations from those in EDI roles. To ensure the knowledge and expertise of EDI professionals is nationally recognised to support improvements in the delivery of services and work relations.

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Recent Documents related to Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Professionals

1. Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Professionals
06/10/2021 - APPGs

Found: To advance equality, diversity and inclusivity (EDI) in government policy considerations from those in

2. LLWR launching campaign to highlight equality, diversity and inclusivity issues in workplace
03/05/2018 - Low Level Waste Repository Ltd
- View source

Found: launching campaign to highlight equality, diversity and inclusivity issues in workplace - GOV.UK

3. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Report
29/07/2020 - Homes England
- View source

Found: Officer, Homes England Publishing our first Equality, Diversity and Inclusion report is a real milestone

4. Dr Sarah Jane Fox - written evidence
12/02/2019 - Inquiry: The Macpherson Report: Twenty Years On - Home Affairs Committee
- View source

Found: improvements in terms of inclusivity and protected characteristics (identifying, race and diversity and the male/female

5. Forests for Everyone: Ethnicity and Religion
29/09/2021 - Forestry Commission
- View source

Found: Forestry Commission to enable increased inclusivity for all. We must build our confidence

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Recent Speeches related to Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Professionals

1. Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities
21/04/2021 - Lords Chamber

1: Britain and taking the action needed to promote equality and opportunity for all. We do, however, recognise - Speech Link
2: calls on the Government to increase funding to the Equality and Human Rights Commission to make greater use - Speech Link
3: views. This House depends on robust debate and diversity of thought. Too many ethnic-minority people have - Speech Link

2. Inclusive Society
14/04/2021 - Grand Committee

1: words into actions. Our ambition is to hard-wire inclusivity into the economy so that it delivers economic - Speech Link
2: social prescribing to enable GPs and healthcare professionals to be creative so that medication is not the - Speech Link
3: tolerant, tolerance does not deliver equality of esteem and equality of outcome, and frankly, in our society - Speech Link

3. Medical Teaching and Learning: Ethnic Diversity
14/07/2020 - Lords Chamber

1: what steps they are taking to ensure that ethnic diversity is fully reflected in all aspects of medical teaching - Speech Link
2: Government understand the importance of racial equality and diversity within the NHS and are committed to ensuring - Speech Link
3: published Mind the Gap as guidance for healthcare professionals, showing how skin conditions manifest on darker-skinned - Speech Link

4. Education
20/03/2019 - Commons Chamber

1: schools. The parents at that school believe that the Equality Act 2010 and every single protected characteristic - Speech Link
2: from external organisations and educational professionals, from the tens of thousands of individuals who - Speech Link
3: online safety and mental health and wellbeing.The Equality Act 2010 and equal marriage have both been passed - Speech Link

5. Arts, Culture and Heritage: Support Package
08/07/2020 - Lords Chamber

1: some balancing and some choices to make. On inclusivity, the noble Baroness is right that we will aim - Speech Link
2: exhausted all existing avenues of funding. As regards diversity, I touched on number of those points in my response - Speech Link

Latest Speeches
Recent Questions related to Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Professionals
1. NHS: Diversity
asked by: Lord Taylor of Warwick
...To ask Her Majesty's Government what steps they are taking to improve the diversity of NHS senior management.

2. NHS: Diversity
asked by: Matthew Offord
... what estimate he has made of the number of diversity and inclusion managers employed in the NHS.

3. NHS Professionals
asked by: Jonathan Ashworth
... what recent progress has been made on the sale of NHS Professionals.

4. NHS Professionals
asked by: Heidi Alexander
... what future contractual mechanisms he proposes to ensure that NHS Professionals meets the staffing needs of NHS trusts and delivers value for money to the taxpayer.

5. Equality
asked by: Matthew Offord
... what assessment she has made of the effectiveness of her Department’s policies on improving equality of opportunity.

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5 Current APPG Officers
Khalid Mahmood Portrait
Khalid Mahmood
Chair & Registered Contact
Labour - Birmingham, Perry Barr
Joined: 6th October 2021
Gary Sambrook Portrait
Gary Sambrook
Vice Chair
Conservative - Birmingham, Northfield
Joined: 6th October 2021
Saqib Bhatti Portrait
Saqib Bhatti
Conservative - Meriden
Joined: 6th October 2021
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Mr Khalid Mahmood MP, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA. Tel: 020 7219 8141.

Email: mahmoodk@parliament.uk

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Lorraine Olley, embraceEDI, Branston Court, Branston Street, Birmingham B18 8BA. Tel: 07921 257 002

Email: contact@embraceedi.org.uk

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