Fast-track access to benefits for terminally ill as soon as diagnosed

The current special rules for terminal illness say fast-track benefit applications are only available for those with a terminal diagnosis of 12 months. I feel this is penalising people with a terminal diagnosis but who are not expected to die in the next twelve months.

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Thursday 7th April 2022
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Terminally ill people who are expected to live longer than twelve months are being excluded by the Government from special rules enabling fast-tracking of applications. Claims can take months and when you’re diagnosed the last thing you need is a fight to get your benefits.

The failure to fast-track access to benefits for anyone diagnosed with a terminal illness causes unnecessary suffering to people who have been told they are going to die. As soon a person is diagnosed they should automatically be fast-tracked. Why must a time scale be placed?

Terminal means terminal however long you have left to live.

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