Review the need for a statutory owners and Directors Test in Football

The recent news that Wigan athletic was being put into administration just weeks after new owners were approved by the EFL must lead to a review of the effectiveness of the owners and Directors test and it's use by the EFL

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At present, the test does not seem to be fit for purpose to protect football clubs in the future. If English football isn't able to act,the government should review the need for a statutory owners and Directors test to ensure it is fit for purpose and protects clubs in the future".

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Government Response

Football clubs have a unique social value; it is vital they are protected. The Government has committed to a fan-led review of governance that includes consideration of the Owners’ & Directors’ Test.

Wigan Athletic is a club with a rich history and of great importance to the local community.

The Government is aware of the serious allegations that have surfaced around the club and we will continue to engage with the English Football League (EFL) to fully understand the facts of the case as they emerge.

The Government has committed to a fan-led review of football governance, which will include consideration of the Owners’ and Directors’ Test. We will engage with all the football authorities, including the EFL, during this review.

The Government is currently deciding on the scope and structure of the review but can confirm that engagement with fan groups will be central to the review process. It is vital that fans’ perspectives and interests are at the heart of the review.

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