Offenders (Day of Release from Detention) Act 2023

make provision about the days on which offenders are released from detention; and for connected purposes.

Private Members' Bill (Ballot Bill)

What is this Bill?

The Offenders (Day of Release from Detention) Act 2023 was a Ballot Bill tabled by Simon Fell that became an Act of Parliament.

Is this Bill currently before Parliament?

No. This Bill was introduced on 15 June 2022 and became an Act of Parliament on 29 June 2023.

Whose idea is this Bill?

As a Private Members' Bill, this Bill represents the individual initiative of an MP (Simon Fell), not the Government.

How can I find out exactly what this Bill does?

The most straightforward information is contained in the initial Explanatory Notes for the Bill.

Would you like to know more?

See these Glossary articles for more information: Act of Parliament, Ballot Bill, Private Members Bill, Process of a Bill

Sponsor: Simon Fell (Con)

Bill Progession through Parliament

Commons Completed
Lords Completed
Royal Assent

Latest Key documents

Timeline of Bill Documents and Stages

29th June 2023
Royal Assent: Minutes of Proceedings (Lords)
29th June 2023
Royal Assent (Commons)
29th June 2023
Act of Parliament
Offenders (Day of Release from Detention) Act 2023 (c.25)
16th June 2023
3rd reading: Minutes of Proceedings (Lords)
16th June 2023
3rd reading (Lords)
24th May 2023
Order of Commitment discharged: Minutes of Proceedings (Lords)
24th May 2023
Order of Commitment discharged
2nd May 2023
Explanatory Notes
HL Bill 113 Explanatory Notes
21st April 2023
2nd reading: Minutes of Proceedings (Lords)
21st April 2023
2nd reading (Lords)
30th March 2023
Briefing papers
Offenders (Day of Release from Detention) Bill: HL Bill 113
22nd March 2023
Select Committee report
30th Report Delegated Powers and Regulatory Reform Committee
6th March 2023
1st reading: Minutes of Proceedings (Lords)
6th March 2023
1st reading (Lords)
6th March 2023
HL Bill 113 (as brought from the Commons)
3rd March 2023
3rd reading (Commons)
21st February 2023
Briefing papers
Briefing Paper on the Bill
8th February 2023
Committee stage (Commons)
7th February 2023
Selection of amendments: Commons
Chair’s provisional selection and grouping of amendments in Committee - 8 February 2023
2nd December 2022
2nd reading (Commons)
2nd December 2022
Delegated Powers Memorandum
Delegated Powers Memorandum prepared by the Ministry of Justice
25th November 2022
Bill 024 2022-23 (as introduced)
25th November 2022
Explanatory Notes
Bill 024 EN 2022-23
15th June 2022
1st reading (Commons)