Peerage Nominations (Disqualification of Party Donors) Bill 2021-22

prevent persons who have donated £50,000 or more to a political party within the previous five years from being nominated for a peerage.

Private Members' Bill (Presentation Bill)

What is this Bill?

The Peerage Nominations (Disqualification of Party Donors) Bill is a Presentation Bill tabled by Angus Brendan MacNeil.

Is this Bill currently before Parliament?

Yes. This Bill was introduced on 17 November 2021 and is currently before Parliament.

Whose idea is this Bill?

As a Private Members' Bill, this Bill represents the individual initiative of an MP (Angus Brendan MacNeil), not the Government.

What type of Bill is this?

A Presentation Bill can be tabled by any MP after the fifth Wednesday of the Session. There is no limit to the number of Presentation Bills an individual MP may table.

So is this going to become a law?

Presentation Bills are extremely unlikely to become law. Unless the Bill receives unanimous support from MPs and can pass 2nd Reading in the Commons without debate, it will not proceed further in the Bill process.

Would you like to know more?

See these Glossary articles for more information: Presentation Bill, Private Members Bill, Process of a Bill

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Next Event: 4 Feb 2022 - 2nd reading (Commons)

Last Event: 17 Nov 2021 - 1st reading (Commons)

Bill Progession through Parliament

Commons - 20%

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2nd reading (Commons)
1st reading (Commons)