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To develop and promote policies which ensure individuals, families and communities affected by addition have the services and resources necessary to overcome challenges caused by addiction in the immediate and longer-term. To develop and promote policies which ensure individuals, families and communities affected by addition have the services and resources necessary to overcome challenges caused by addiction in the immediate and longer-term.

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Recent Documents related to Recovery from Addictions

1. Twelve Steps Recovery Programme for Addiction
01/07/2020 - APPGs

Found: knowledge and utilisation of the 12 step recovery programme for addictions. To convene meetings, undertake research

2. Peter Krykant and drug consumption van facility
02/11/2020 - Early Day Motions

Found: in an attempt to help and support people with addictions; firmly believes that the work he is doing helps

3. Aberdeenshire Alcohol and Drug Partnership - written evidence
30/04/2019 - Inquiry: Problem drug use in Scotland - Scottish Affairs Committee
- View source

Found: and Drug Partnership, a Trustee of the Scottish Recovery Consortium and a member of the Partnership for

4. Dr Jacob Johanssen - written evidence
21/05/2019 - Inquiry: Immersive and addictive technologies - Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee
- View source

Found: exampleAs psychoanalysis contends, social media addictions can be symptomatic of other conflicts and problems

5. Designated funding for mental health services for NHS workers, post Covid-19.
02/04/2020 - Petitions

Found: with particular regard to depressive illnesses, addictions and PTSD.

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Recent Speeches related to Recovery from Addictions

1. Addiction: England and Wales
12/09/2018 - Grand Committee

1: Alcohol Harm are shortly to publish a new charter on recovery for alcoholics. I will be looking to her and other - Speech Link
2: have no personal experience of other forms of recovery. What I do know is that I still cannot take my - Speech Link
3: health and not a criminal justice issue. All addictions can be treated, especially if caught early, and - Speech Link

2. Drug Consumption Rooms
17/01/2018 - Westminster Hall

1: Even if we did not give a damn about people with addictions, it would make good financial sense to provide - Speech Link
2: They certainly cannot be set on a course towards recovery, and the drug-free life that every human being - Speech Link
3: redoubling our efforts to help people overcome their addictions altogether.When it comes down to it, the - Speech Link

3. Drug Treatment Services
16/07/2019 - Westminster Hall

1: also a story of false economies. Spending on the recovery and reintegration of people who struggle with - Speech Link
2: centres, which are aimed at those with severe addictions. People will take their drugs—they have them - Speech Link
3: risk doing irreparable damage to our hard-won recovery system, leaving services unable to meet the scale - Speech Link

4. Eating Disorders: Provision of Care
04/02/2020 - Lords Chamber

1: that fewer than half of adults in the US achieve recovery from anorexia or bulimia nervosa over the long - Speech Link
2: much to be grateful for in that there can be a recovery, with enough support and treatment. Research suggests - Speech Link
3: spent much of my life working with people with addictions—not just in alcohol and drugs but food, too, - Speech Link

5. Gambling: Addiction
01/11/2018 - Lords Chamber

1: of supporting and treating those with gambling addictions. I am pleased that Her Majesty’s Government are - Speech Link
2: interesting results is that, unlike with other addictions such as alcohol and drugs, 60% of the public - Speech Link
3: substanceless addiction. It is different from other addictions because it seems to be that people with this - Speech Link

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Recent Questions related to Recovery from Addictions
1. Addictions
asked by: Gill Furniss
... what discussions he has had with the Chancellor of the Exchequer on the adequacy of funding for support services for friends and family members of people with addictions.

2. Addictions
asked by: Jonathan Ashworth
... how many clinical commissioning groups have an addiction workforce strategy; and what plans his Department has to increase the number of local commissioners with an addiction workforce strategy.

3. Addictions
asked by: Lord Stevens of Kirkwhelpington
... what plans they have made to ensure effective treatment and care is provided for people affected by alcoholism and other addictions.

4. Addictions: Homelessness
asked by: Layla Moran
... what steps he is taking to ensure that homeless people with (a) alcohol- and (b) drug-related conditions are able to access the support they need.

5. Gambling: Addictions
asked by: Lee Anderson
... what recent estimate the Government has made of the proportion of people who gamble who are deemed to be problem gamblers; what financial contribution the Gambling sector has made to support problem gamblers; and if he will make a statement.

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