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Question to the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office:

To ask Her Majesty's Government what representations they have made to the government of Azerbaijan regarding that government's alleged mistreatment and torture of Armenian prisoners of war.

Answered by
Lord Goldsmith of Richmond Park Portrait
Lord Goldsmith of Richmond Park
Minister of State (Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office)
This question was answered on 25th November 2021

During her most recent conversations with the Foreign Ministers of Azerbaijan and Armenia, on 14 June and 6 September respectively, the Minister for Europe and Americans urged both parties to work with the International Committee of the Red Cross to expedite the return of all prisoners of war. The Minister reiterated this message in her recent meetings with the Armenian and Azerbaijani Ambassadors on 4 and 17 November respectively. In addition to the issue of prisoners of war, the Minister highlighted the UK's concerns over reports of war crimes and urged both Governments to take steps to de-escalate border tensions, undertake independent investigations into all allegations arising from last year's conflict and settle all outstanding matters solely through peaceful negotiation.

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