Covid-19 Education Catch-up Fund

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Question to the Department for Education:

To ask the Secretary of State for Education, if he will extend eligibility for the £1 billion Covid-19 catch-up funding to students studying in sixth form colleges.

Answered by
Gillian Keegan Portrait
Gillian Keegan
Minister of State (Department of Health and Social Care)
This question was answered on 29th June 2020

It is our ambition that all pupils and students have the chance to make up for lost education. Where breaks in learning have been required, we want to ensure that learners can resume their ‘classroom’ learning and continue to a successful completion.

For many students in post-16 education, we know that remote learning has been working well. We are currently looking at how we can best support 16-19 providers to help their learners catch up and we will provide more details soon.

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