Cycling and Walking: Coronavirus

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Question to the Department for Transport:

To ask the Secretary of State for Transport, how the £250 million of funding for rapidly-installed cycling and walking improvements announced by the Government will be distributed to local authorities and on what date local authorities will be able to access that funding.

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Chris Heaton-Harris Portrait
Chris Heaton-Harris
Minister of State (Department for Transport)
This question was answered on 27th May 2020

On the 9th May the Government announced a £2bn package of funding for cycling and walking over the next five years. This includes £250m in the current financial year for quick-win measures to help keep cyclists and pedestrians safe, as well as vouchers for cycle repairs and greater provision for bike fixing facilities.

The funding for cycling and walking infrastructure will be provided directly to local authorities, who are best placed to determine and prioritise where it should be spent. Initial funding allocations will be published shortly.

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