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Question to the Department of Health and Social Care:

To ask the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, how many of the (a) first 200, (b) second 200, (c) third 200 and (d) fourth 200 covid-19 cases in the UK by sample-date were (i) under five years, (ii) five -14 years, (iii) 15-29 years, (iv) 30-39 years, (v) 40-49 years, (vi) 50-59 years, (vii) 60-69 years, (viii) 70-79 years, (ix) 80-89 years and (x) 90 years or over.

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This question was answered on 26th March 2020

Data on the COVID-19 cases in the United Kingdom are not available in the format requested.

Public Health England has published a COVID-19 tracking dashboard showing reported cases of coronavirus in the UK, including new cases, cases by upper tier local authority in England.

The dashboard can be viewed at the following link:

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