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27 Feb 2018, 3:56 p.m. Bank Services: Fraud Nick Thomas-Symonds


To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department, what steps her Department is taking to support collaboration between banks and police banking fraud teams on tracing funds obtained through telephone banking fraud.

Answer (Mr Ben Wallace)

The Government launched the Joint Fraud Taskforce in 2016 to bring together banks, law enforcement and Government to develop a collective response to fraud against individuals and banks. The Take Five to Stop Fraud campaign was developed jointly by the banking industry, Government experts and the Joint Fraud Taskforce. The campaign is designed to help encourage the public to protect themselves from fraud and scams, providing advice on how to avoid falling victim to fraud, including around telephone banking scams. The current campaign, “My money, my info, I don’t think so” provides advice to help the public develop resilience to requests from fraudsters relating to financial and personal information. This Government is also committed to stopping stolen funds from getting into the hands of criminals, and where possible, enabling stolen money to be returned back to the victims of fraud. A priority area for the Taskforce is to establish a technical solution and regulatory framework that will ensure that more fraud losses can be returned to victims.

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