Ban attempting to religiously convert or “revert” a child without parent consent

Make it a specific legal offence to attempt to religiously convert (or revert) a child where a parent has not given specific permission.

This petition closed on 30 May 2024 with 11,191 signatures

Reticulating Splines

As well as steep cash penalties, custodial sentences for prolific offenders should be on the table to protect impressionable young people that are under 18yrs.

We’ve a legal right to free speech in the UK, including street preaching. This is rightly a freedom we enjoy in the western world.

We believe that where this crosses a line is when an individual attempts to specifically push their religion on an individual one-on-one basis to a child without the consent of their parent. We think that an individual that has set up a table to hand out free copies of a holy book has no right to try and convert (or revert) a child to their religion.

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Reticulating Splines