Place a complete ban on the sale and use of disposable BBQ’s in the UK

We support moves to ban disposable BBQ’s in environmentally vulnerable areas. Limited restrictions will not stop them being used or brought into these spaces. This also does nothing to counter the damage they do outside these areas. We are calling for an outright ban on their use and sale in the UK

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Wednesday 22nd June 2022
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Whether it is massive environmental damage, life changing injuries & deaths, food poisoning or single use waste that comes with disposable BBQ’s, there are simply too many issues, risks and dangers when buying and using them.

It’s not enough to stop their sale ‘near’ beaches or moorland.

It’s not enough to dismiss the countless problems and blame people for being ‘irresponsible’.

Disposable BBQ’s themselves carry too many risks and our call is for them to be banned completely.

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