Introduce an "Ecological Damage Tax" on Astroturf Lawns / Artificial Grass

Introduce a tax on Astroturf Lawns (either on the import, sale or install) in order to act as a deterrent and encourage land owners towards less damaging and more sustainable "low maintenance" landscaping options that are good for wildlife and climate.

This petition closed on 11 Aug 2022 with 26,440 signatures

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UK Gardens occupy more land than our Nature Reserves combined and are vital habitats for wildlife, providing food, shelter and a home for so many declining species. Vegetation and soils also store carbon, helping us to meet Paris & COP26 targets. Plastic grass is a rapidly growing trend and is causing loss of habitat, plastic production emissions, added strain on our waste sector, removing natural water retention in soils and aiding flooding. We desperately need a regulation or deterrent.

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Government Response

Tuesday 31st May 2022

There are no current plans to introduce a tax on artificial grass. The government keeps all tax policy under review.

Improving the UK’s biodiversity is a key objective for the Government. In itself, artificial grass has no value for wildlife, and its installation can have negative impacts on both biodiversity and drainage for flood prevention or alleviation if installed in place of natural earth or more positive measures such as planting flowers or trees or providing natural water features.

The Environment Act 2021 contains an ambitious package of reforms to restore and enhance nature and green spaces. This includes a new mandatory requirement for biodiversity net gain in the planning system, to ensure that new developments enhance biodiversity. In future, developments which involve the laying of artificial grass at the expense of natural landscaping will be required to enhance biodiversity in other ways. Our most important designated sites and species are also protected under legislation.

There are no current plans to introduce a tax on artificial grass. The government keeps all tax policy under review.

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