Urge Sri Lanka to allow the burial of Covid victims to respect religious beliefs

The UK government should urge the Sri Lankan Government to allow Covid victims to be buried according to their religious beliefs and not cremated.

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1. Sri Lanka: Cremation
asked by: Bell Ribeiro-Addy
... in accordance with their religious beliefs.

2. Sri Lanka: Religious Freedom
asked by: Stephen Kinnock
... what representations he has made to his Sri Lankan counterpart on the protection of religious beliefs and freedoms.

3. Sri Lanka: Coronavirus
asked by: Afzal Khan
... with the Sri Lankan Government.

4. Sri Lanka: Cremation
asked by: Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi
... whether he plans to make representations to his Sri Lankan counterpart on the cremation in that country of covid-19 victims regardless of religious belief.

5. Sri Lanka: Cremation
asked by: Afzal Khan
... if he will make an assessment of the effect on (a) Sri Lankan Muslims and (b) other faith communities of the Sri Lankan Government's decision to make cremation mandatory for covid-19 victims.

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Covid-19 is a worldwide pandemic with global authorities such as the World Health Organisation advising on matters of burial for those who have been diagnosed with Covid-19 and later died.

The recent acts of the Sri Lankan government discriminate against those whose religious beliefs are against being cremated.

This against official advice which determines a normal burial alone will suffice with no need for cremation.

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