Enable online learning for children who live with those who are vulnerable

Clinically vulnerable people living in households with children attending schools and colleges are exposed to unacceptable risks. It is compulsory for all children to attend school in person; there are currently no alternatives.

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2. Overview of scientific information on coronavirus (COVID-19)
15/05/2020 - Department for Education
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Found: nurseries, schools and colleges have remained open only to children of critical workers and vulnerable children

3. Unequal impact: Coronavirus (Covid-19) and the impact on people with protected characteristics
05/05/2020 - Inquiry: Unequal impact: Coronavirus (Covid-19) and the impact on people with protected characteristics - Women and Equalities Committee
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Recent Questions related to Enable online learning for children who live with those who are vulnerable
1. Children: Coronavirus
asked by: Virendra Sharma
... what steps he is taking to support clinically extremely vulnerable children who cannot attend school; and what support is available to the children of clinically extremely vulnerable people to enable safe and effective learning out of classrooms.

2. Coronavirus: Schools
asked by: Julian Sturdy
... what the medical evidential basis was for his Department's guidance on children resident in households with clinically extremely vulnerable people that children should continue to attend school as normal during the covid-19 outbreak; and what assessment his Department has made of the covid-19 risk to clinically extremely vulnerable parents of their children attending school during the November 2020 lockdown restrictions.

3. Schools: Coronavirus
asked by: Julian Sturdy
... (b) online learning for the children of extremely clinically vulnerable parents and (c) other measures to prevent the transmission of covid-19 to clinically extremely vulnerable parents whose children are attending school.

4. Coronavirus: Disease Control
asked by: Emma Hardy
... what (a) information he holds on and (b) assessment he has made of the effect on the risk of transmission of covid-19 for clinically vulnerable people of those people living in households with children attending school.

5. Schools: Coronavirus
asked by: Afzal Khan
... what his steps his Department is taking to support school staff and teachers to manage the reopening of schools on 1 June 2020 during the covid-19 outbreak alongside the continued need for online teaching and virtual learning for children who do not attend.

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Schools and Colleges must enable online learning for those students who live with family members who are clinically vulnerable.

Since “the vulnerable know how to protect themselves” these families should, therefore, be given the authority to transfer their children to online learning without fear of fines or prosecution, using resources that are already available for those isolating. Currently the only alternative is to home educate off-roll, potentially jeopardising their children's futures.

The most vulnerable should not have to choose between their own lives and the education of their children.

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