Petition to increase the 25kmh limit on electric bikes in the UK.

All electric bikes in the UK are subject to an assisted speed limit of 25Kmh. After this speed the bike can be ridden quicker, but the rider will no longer receive assistance from the motor. We would like the government to consider adjusting the limits to be in line with US legislation of 20Mph.

This petition closed on 28 Jan 2021 with 5,153 signatures

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1. Cycling and walking investment strategy: active travel investment models
07/02/2020 - Department for Transport
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01/05/2019 - Inquiry: Road Safety - Transport Committee
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1. Electric Scooter Trials and Traffic Signs (Coronavirus) Regulations and General Directions 2020
29/09/2020 - Lords Chamber

1: the July report on this SI from the Secondary Legislation Scrutiny Committee. These regulations were laid - Speech Link

2. Electric Vehicles and Bicycles
09/05/2018 - Westminster Hall

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3: good-quality jobs.In 2016 a fifth of all electric vehicles sold in Europe were produced at the Nissan - Speech Link
4: am sure that the hon. Gentleman is aware of the electric vehicles made in my constituency, such as those - Speech Link
5: jobs for everyone.Bringing forward the electric vehicles target to 2030 from 2040 would enable - Speech Link

3. Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycles (Amendment) Regulations 2015
24/02/2015 - Grand Committee

1: class of electrically assisted pedal cycles—EAPCs—that are not treated as motor vehicles when used on - Speech Link

4. Safety of Riders and Horses on Rural Roads
04/07/2017 - Westminster Hall

1: have been very active on this issue and would also like to have secured it. I will welcome interventions - Speech Link
2: per hour? They are often just guided by the speed limit, thinking that it is okay. Would he commend the - Speech Link
3: raising awareness of how we should use our roads and consider others’ safety, and pressing on the Government - Speech Link

5. Improving Air Quality
28/06/2018 - Commons Chamber

1: Last October, we launched a joint inquiry to consider the Government’s most recent plans for reducing - Speech Link
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6. Electric Scooters
29/10/2019 - Lords Chamber

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3: specifications of electric scooters to ensure that they have brakes, lights and stability? Will it consider imposing - Speech Link
4: second point about future legislation, we intend to build an agile legislation and regulatory system, because - Speech Link
5: I have hired electric scooters in countries where it is legal to do so. Dockless bike hire schemes in - Speech Link

7. Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill
29/01/2018 - Commons Chamber

1: report before Parliament setting out a comprehensive UK charging points strategy for public transport and - Speech Link
2: by charging electric vehicles. Estimates from the national grid suggest that the increase in peak demand - Speech Link
3: my hon. Friend agree that it is essential that electric charging points are required to display similar - Speech Link
4: grid and distribution network operators do not receive information that would help to plan for demand - Speech Link
5: the kind of interactivity that we need between electric vehicles, as a latent battery for the country - Speech Link
6: whether the grid can cope with the demand from electric car charging. Are there are enough charging points - Speech Link

8. Oral Answers to Questions
18/07/2019 - Commons Chamber

1: initiatives that have been put in place to ensure that electric vehicle charging infrastructure can be rolled - Speech Link
2: air. We have to remember that the majority of electric vehicle drivers charge their cars at home overnight - Speech Link
3: the moment, there is very little provision of electric car charging points in my constituency of Northampton - Speech Link
4: to deliver two rapid charge points dedicated to electric taxis and private hire vehicles. He is right to - Speech Link

9. Air Quality: London
03/07/2017 - Lords Chamber

1: lower incomes. A very large number of people are subject to periodic exacerbations of their COPD, which - Speech Link
2: because he has initiated this debate but on giving us such a comprehensive and technically informed tour - Speech Link

10. Net Zero Targets and Decarbonising Transport
04/02/2020 - Westminster Hall

1: proud last year when the UK became the first advanced economy to set in legislation a date for net zero, - Speech Link
2: transport. Will he join me in urging the Minister to let us know as quickly as possible about the funding available - Speech Link
3: Minister deal with her point in his own way.On electric vehicles, there is a wide range of Government - Speech Link
4: now have over 22,000 public charging points for electric vehicles. There is a particular concentration - Speech Link

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Its commonly accepted in the cycling community that the current limit reduces the likelihood that people will swap their car for an electric bike and that the speed difference being so much lower than a car increases the danger presented to cyclists when sharing the road.
Additionally, there are a large number of bikes in the UK that have bypassed or do not conform to the current legislation. Increasing it would prevent much faster bicycles from making their way onto the roads and paths.

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