Extra Financial Support For Closed Soft Play Centres

Soft play centres remain closed and face uncertain times and closure. The original Grant's were a huge help but this has been used up on rent and ongoing utility costs. For many if not all a second survival grant is needed for this sector facing the longest closures of all.

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Many businesses who got the original financial support were able to reopen in June and July. However soft play centres are still unaware of any future opening date. With the summer holidays being a busy period this now looks to be out of reach and tough times they face.

We urge the goverment to offer s further grant for this sector and ensure that children's indoor play areas remain saved and supported.

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Government Response

DCMS has been working closely with the British Association of Leisure Parks, Piers & Attractions (BALPPA). Indoor soft play centres can reopen from 15 August if they follow COVID-secure guidance.

In the past few weeks, DCMS has been working closely with the British Association of Leisure Parks, Piers & Attractions (BALPPA) on reopening indoor play and indoor soft play centres. On 13 August, it was agreed that these venues could reopen from 15 August if they followed COVID-secure guidance, published on BALPPA’s website.

The government recognises that this sector, which is made up of hundreds of small, medium and large businesses, has faced unprecedented challenges over the past few months, especially as it as has remained closed for a longer period than other parts of the economy. DCMS will therefore continue to have conversations with BALPPA and discuss the ongoing challenges that the sector may be facing.

The guidance for reopening indoor play and indoor soft play areas can be found here:


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