Debates between Lord Krebs and Lord Young of Cookham during the 2017-2019 Parliament

Government-commissioned Research

Debate between Lord Krebs and Lord Young of Cookham
Wednesday 28th June 2017

(7 years ago)

Lords Chamber
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Lord Young of Cookham Portrait Lord Young of Cookham
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The responsibility for publication does not rest with the Treasury, it rests with the individual department that has commissioned the research. The protocol makes it quite clear that research should be published as soon as possible. A number of the recommendations are being taken forward by the Government Digital Service and by relevant departments. But I will certainly bear in mind the noble Lord’s suggestion that there might be a fresh initiative by my immediate boss, the First Secretary of State at the Cabinet Office.

Lord Krebs Portrait Lord Krebs (CB)
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My Lords, the June 2012 Civil Service Reform Plan, in a section on the components of open policy-making, set out the ambition to have a:

“Shared, transparent evidence base from all sources in accessible format for all to interpret”.

Is the Minister satisfied that, five years on, this reform has been effectively implemented? If not, he may wish to refer to another section of the reform plan, which says of the Civil Service that,

“its culture can be cautious and slow-moving”.