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Open Petition since 6th April 2022

Ensure Trans people are fully protected under any conversion therapy ban - 147,972 Signatures
(Estimated Final Signatures: 148,308 - 7 added in the past 24hrs)

Ensure any ban fully includes trans people and all forms of conversion therapy.

Debate: This petition was debated in Westminster Hall on 13th June 2022

The Government responsed to this petition on 12th May 2022 (View Full Response)
We will introduce a ban protecting everyone from attempts to change their sexual orientation. Recognising the complexity of issues we will consider the issue of transgender conversion therapy further.
Open Petition since 19th April 2022

Introduce independent body to enforce the ministerial code on ministers. - 53,085 Signatures
(Estimated Final Signatures: 53,791 - 12 added in the past 24hrs)

It is clear that our democracy is broken and there is no accountability to the people in the highest form of Government. There needs to be a body which has the power to enforce the ministerial code on Ministers.

The Government responsed to this petition on 15th June 2022 (View Full Response)
The Government is accountable to Parliament and the British people. The Prime Minister issues and upholds the Ministerial Code in line with his position as head of Her Majesty’s Government.
Open Petition since 5th August 2022

Amend the Equalities Act 2010 to include menopause as a protected characteristic - 1,258 Signatures
(Estimated Final Signatures: 14,968 - 128 added in the past 24hrs)

To help keep more women in the workplace for longer and to improve their rights I want the Government to add menopause to the Equalities Act 2010 as a protected characteristic, and require employers to make reasonable adjustments for menopausal women.

Open Petition since 14th July 2022

Call an immediate general election to end the chaos of the current government - 2,469 Signatures
(Estimated Final Signatures: 11,058 - 312 added in the past 24hrs)

Call an immediate general election so that the people can decide who should lead us through the unprecedented crises threatening the UK.

Open Petition since 17th May 2022

Apply to Join the European Union (EU) - 5,143 Signatures
(Estimated Final Signatures: 6,853 - 19 added in the past 24hrs)

We want the Government to start the process of seeking to rejoin the EU. Only 2% of the public think that Brexit has gone 'very well' and only 15% 'fairly well' since the end of the transition period*.

Open Petition since 17th August 2022

Amend the Procurement Bill to enshrine positive environmental obligations. - 83 Signatures
(Estimated Final Signatures: 6,272 - 34 added in the past 24hrs)

The Procurement Bill should create a legal obligation on Contracting Authorities ensuring all specifications and contractors have a net positive impact upon the environment and that this requirement is designed into the procurement and management of public spend for all goods, services and works.

Open Petition since 7th March 2022

Facilitate a further Scottish Independence referendum - 2,503 Signatures
(Estimated Final Signatures: 2,522 - 2 added in the past 24hrs)

The UK Government should facilitate a fresh referendum on whether Scotland should be an independent country.

Open Petition since 8th July 2022

Require all government agencies and schools to accept cash - 1,108 Signatures
(Estimated Final Signatures: 2,244 - 8 added in the past 24hrs)

It is increasingly hard to use cash to pay for government services. This is alienating too many in society - it feels like discrimination, and should stop. Children need to learn to use cash yet most schools will not accept it, often under the guise of safety. Cash is imperative for a free society.

Open Petition since 18th May 2022

Hold a referendum on the monarchy when the current monarch's reign ends - 895 Signatures
(Estimated Final Signatures: 1,519 - 8 added in the past 24hrs)

When the current monarch's reign ends, we want a referendum on whether to abolish the monarchy.

Open Petition since 1st March 2022

Hold a referendum on re-joining the EU on previous terms - 1,493 Signatures
(Estimated Final Signatures: 1,504 - 1 added in the past 24hrs)

It is time that we ask people again if they would like to re-join the EU. Some in society have realised that they may have been mistaken, and that they may have been lied to.