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Open Petiton

Require local authorities to have free helplines for the homeless and vulnerable

Current Signatures: 17,867
Estimated Final Signatures: 33,450 (c. 179 added daily)

We are calling for the government to require all local councils across the country to provide FREE helplines for the homeless and vulnerable when in need of urgent support or shelter.

Homelessness, mental illness and poverty are rife across the country.

Open Petiton

Allow Landlords to evict tenants where there are 14 days rent arrears

Current Signatures: 12,531
Estimated Final Signatures: 13,887 (c. 63 added daily)

You can't go into a supermarket and steal your weeks groceries. There are laws in place to protect shop keepers large and small. Not paying rent is also theft with the Landlord being the victim. In Australia, tenants can be evicted for being 14 days in arrears with rent. Lets have that system here.

Open Petiton

Legislate to BAN leasehold houses & set ground rents of new-build flats to ZERO

Current Signatures: 17,028
Estimated Final Signatures: 17,555 (c. 84 added daily)

Suffering leaseholders have endured endless consultations & years of failed reforms. Government must fulfil the promises made in 2017 to legislate to:

1. BAN leasehold houses
2. Restrict all ground rents on new leases to ZERO
3. Enact ALL of the Law Commission proposals

Open Petiton

Allow corporate worship and congregational singing at places of worship

Current Signatures: 32,840
Estimated Final Signatures: 35,810 (c. 162 added daily)

The Government should change its guidance on guidance for the safe use of places of worship during the pandemic to allow corporate worship and congregational singing at places of worship.

Closed Petiton February 2021

Protect leaseholders from paying for cladding remedial works

Final Signatures: 30,983

The Draft Building Safety Bill currently proposes a Building Safety Charge payable by leaseholders for cladding remedial works. This should be removed and public funds made available to protect citizens through appropriate safety standards, and Freeholders should also be made to contribute.

Closed Petiton February 2021

Council Tax reduction for people paying Estate Management fees

Final Signatures: 11,488

I want a reduction in Council tax for people on private estates paying stewardship/management fees.

Closed Petiton February 2021

Review planning legislation to include facilities for HGV drivers.

Final Signatures: 12,393

Review planning legislation to force councils to include adequate safe and secure HGV parking with refreshment and washing facilities for drivers when allowing large distribution parks to be built, based on percentage capacity, or when undertaking major road improvement or construction works.

Closed Petiton September 2020

Give holiday caravan/lodge owners the same statutory protection as mobile homes.

Final Signatures: 13,478

Owners of holiday caravans and lodges need the same protections as those given to owners of residential mobile homes. Holiday caravan/ lodge owners face unfair practices that are consistently active on many static caravan holiday parks.

Closed Petiton November 2019

Revoke planning permission to build on the site of the Battle of Bosworth.

Final Signatures: 11,475

The Battle of Bosworth in 1485 was a critical point in history, ending Plantagenet rule and ushering in the Tudor dynasty. Planning permission has been granted to Horiba Mira to build a car test track across part of the registered battlefield site, destroying not only archaeology and the landscape.

Closed Petiton November 2019

Abolish imprisonment as a penalty for non-payment of Council Tax.

Final Signatures: 12,718

I was shocked to learn that hundreds of people a year are sent to prison for non-payment of council tax, often because the law is wrongly applied by magistrates, up and down the country.

This affects the poorest in society and often women, left with unmanageable debts. The wealthy are unaffected.

Closed Petiton October 2019

Outlaw planning applications that include removal of mature trees or hedgerows.

Final Signatures: 10,640

People have been horrified by the outbreak of nets on healthy trees and hedges to stop birds nesting. It's not the nets that are the problem, but the planned removal of the important trees and hedges. Mature trees are vital for air quality and to absorb carbon. They need to stay there.

Closed Petiton September 2019

Make 'netting' hedgerows to prevent birds from nesting a criminal offence.

Final Signatures: 365,508

Developers, and other interested parties are circumventing laws protecting birds by 'netting' hedgerows to prevent birds from nesting.

This facilitates the uprooting of hedgerows which aid biodiversity and provide the only remaining nesting sites for birds, whose numbers are in sharp decline.

Closed Petiton August 2019

Abolish leasehold

Final Signatures: 31,830

Millions are trapped in this antiquated draconian leasehold system.

This is a “feudal” form of land ownership.

It is about time we Abolished Leasehold once and for all.

Closed Petiton April 2019

Save Our Parks

Final Signatures: 22,663

Thousands of Britain’s parks and play areas are falling into disrepair or are under threat of being sold to developers.
This is despite the vital health and social benefits that our much-loved green spaces provide.
We support The Mail on Sunday’s campaign to Save Our Parks from being lost forever.

Closed Petiton December 2018

Ban combustible materials on residential tower blocks, schools and hospitals

Final Signatures: 15,165

What happened at Grenfell Tower was a national disgrace. Combustible cladding and insulation caused the fire to spread so quickly. One year on hundreds of buildings are still at risk. We need an immediate ban on combustible materials on high-rise residential buildings (18m+), schools and hospitals

Closed Petiton September 2018

Require local authorities to adopt all Public Open Space and roads on estates

Final Signatures: 11,717

Local authorities are avoiding increasing their grounds maintenance responsibilities on new private estates by requiring developers to form management companies to deal with the maintenance long term. These management fees are an extra tax on hard working families. Councils should adopt the land.

Closed Petiton June 2018

Reverse A Proposed Ban On Letting Agents Charging Fees To Tenants

Final Signatures: 10,845

Firstly, something must be done to help tenants with some agents charging ludicrous fees to tenants!
I would propose a fee cap. Agents cant charge any higher than a set agreed price.
It is vital to sustain affordability for all tenants, landlords and agents.
Please read on to help understand...

Closed Petiton May 2018

Let all UK citizens vote on who is mayor of London not just Londoners.

Final Signatures: 20,768

London being the capital city, all uk citizens should have a say who becomes mayor.

Closed Petiton April 2018

Place stoma signs on disabled toilets and add stoma changing facilities within.

Final Signatures: 10,507

Stoma patients have unseen disabilities and although entitled to use disabled toilets, often face verbal abuse from the public when trying to access them. Stoma patients need a hygienic area to change ostomies and this is not provided. Unseen stoma disabilities need protection and recognition.