Creating an Account

A free Parallel Parliament Account allows you to receive instant, daily or weekly alerts on MPs, Departments, Legislation or keywords.

Receive the information you need from across Government and Parliament websites straight to your inbox.

Creating an Account

Accounts can be created at this link, or by clicking the 'Register for an Account' button on the login screen

To create an account, only an e-mail and a password are required.

Creating an Alert

The alert service is completely free. My goal is to increase awareness and availability of Parliamentary information.

Alerts can be created by:

  1. Clicking the button, which will be present on the main pages of MP, Department or search results, along with a
    View sample weekly alert to all you see what the alert will resemble.

    Note: You must have already created an account to use this method.

    Once selected, a pop-up menu will allow you to choose the preferred time of your alert:

  2. The alternative method is to utilise the general alert creator in the ‘My Account’ section of the website.

    Within the alerts page you will find the following menu, allowing you to select the type and frequency of your desired alert:

What you receive in an alert

Alerts are sent when any of the following are created that match your alert criteria:

  • Commons Debates
  • Written Questions
  • Legislation tabled
  • Legislation Documents and Stages
  • Commons Library Research
  • Petitions
  • Select Committee Written / Oral Evidence and Publications
  • Government Publications

Cancelling an Alert

Alerts can be cancelled my logging into 'My Account' and using the Alerts Administrator: