Victims of Crime Etc (Rights, Entitlements and Related Matters) Bill 2015-16

make further provision about the duties and responsibilities of the Victims’ Commissioner and about the Victims’ Code; to require victims’ services plans for each police service area; to establish a duty to report suspected child abuse by those working in regulated activities, a code of practice on the recording of allegations, a right of appeal by victims against a decision to cease a criminal investigation, and standards for the review of open or reopened homicide cases; to make provision about court procedures relating to vulnerable victims and witnesses; and for connected purposes.

Private Members' Bill (under the Ten Minute Rule)

What is this Bill?

The Victims of Crime Etc (Rights, Entitlements and Related Matters) Bill was a Ten Minute Rule Bill tabled by Keir Starmer.

Is this Bill currently before Parliament?

No. This Bill is not under active consideration by Parliament, as it was introduced during the previous 2015-16 Session.

Whose idea is this Bill?

As a Private Members' Bill, this Bill represents the individual initiative of an MP (Keir Starmer), not the Government.

What type of Bill is this?

A Ten Minute Rule Bill is a process of tabling a bill, where an MP has 10 minutes to advocate for their legislation to the Commons and the Minister responsible.

So is this going to become a law?

No. This Bill did not complete it's passage before the Session completed and is no longer before Parliament. However, it may have been re-introduced under a similar name in a subsequent Session.

Would you like to know more?

See these Glossary articles for more information: Ten Minute Rule Bill, Private Members Bill, Process of a Bill

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Last Event: Tuesday 20th October 2015 - 1st reading: House of Commons

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