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To represent the interests, heritage and people of Southern Yemen.

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1. Country policy and information note: security and humanitarian situation, Yemen, December 2021
05/01/2022 - UK Visas and Immigration
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Found: ........ ...... 14 4.2 The government of Yemen ................................ ............

2. UK government welcomes new Yemen peace agreement
05/11/2019 - Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office
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Found: UK government welcomes new Yemen peace agreement - GOV.UK

3. Yemen's fragile peace process
27/03/2019 - Parliamentary Research

Found: 2 Mercenaries and human rights abuses 6 2.3 Southern Yemen 7 2.4 AQAP and ISIS 8 2.5 Territorial control

13/06/2019 - Early Day Motions

Found: continue the peace process in Yemen with all the relevant parties engaged in the Yemen war; recognises the strong

5. Southern Yemen
29/12/2021 - APPGs

Found: represent the interests, heritage and people of Southern Yemen.

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Recent Speeches related to Southern Yemen

1. Yemen
10/02/2021 - Lords Chamber

1: ongoing conflict and humanitarian situation in Yemen remain a challenge for the international community - Speech Link
2: playing a leading role in responding to the crisis in Yemen through both our humanitarian response and our diplomatic - Speech Link
3: Secretary and I have regular calls with partners on Yemen. Recently, the Foreign Secretary spoke to Secretary - Speech Link

2. Yemen
01/10/2019 - Commons Chamber

1: the ongoing conflict and humanitarian crisis in Yemen. We fully support the peace process, led by the - Speech Link
2: As he says, the humanitarian consequences of the Yemen conflict are devastating. The United Nations has - Speech Link

3. Yemen
30/10/2019 - Lords Chamber

1: talks to bring together the Government of Yemen and the Southern Transitional Council to reach a peaceful - Speech Link
2: support for any initiative that brings peace to Yemen, but this deal brokered by the KSA brings only limited - Speech Link
3: the outset, the only solution to the crisis in Yemen is a political one. A political settlement is the - Speech Link

4. Yemen
19/03/2020 - Lords Chamber

1: colleagues are putting into this situation. However, Yemen is now also suffering terrible outbreaks of cholera - Speech Link
2: assistance continues to operate through the two southern ports, Hodeidah and Saleef, which remain open - Speech Link
3: appear to be large underspends in DfID programmes in Yemen? I will highlight two, which are both scheduled - Speech Link

5. Yemen: Aid Funding
03/03/2021 - Lords Chamber

1: raising this Urgent Question. The situation in Yemen remains among the worst humanitarian crises in the - Speech Link
2: for the United Nations humanitarian appeal for Yemen. I announced that the UK will provide at least—I - Speech Link
3: is spending to reduce humanitarian suffering in Yemen, we continue to play a leading diplomatic role in - Speech Link

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Recent Questions related to Southern Yemen
1. Southern
asked by: Lloyd Russell-Moyle
... what assessment he has made of the effect of (a) driver controlled operation and (b) stations which are unstaffed or staffed part-time on accessibility for disabled people who wish to travel without pre-booking on Southern Railways.

2. Southern
asked by: Lloyd Russell-Moyle
... what information his Department holds on driver controlled operation on Southern Rail services.

3. Southern
asked by: Lilian Greenwood
... (b) 2018 and (c) 2019 for the (i) whole and (ii) part of their journey.

4. Southern
asked by: Lloyd Russell-Moyle
... (b) 2017 and (c) 2018.

5. Southern
asked by: Caroline Lucas
... how long the training is for drivers to learn new routes on Southern services arising from the new timetable; and what proportion of the route learning time for a new route is (a) classroom based and (b) learning on the job.

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6 Current APPG Officers
Gill Furniss Portrait
Gill Furniss
Labour - Sheffield, Brightside and Hillsborough
Joined: 29th December 2021
Andrew Bridgen Portrait
Andrew Bridgen
Vice Chair
Conservative - North West Leicestershire
Joined: 29th December 2021
3 APPG Memberships
Investment Fraud , Serbia , Uzbekistan
Lord McNicol of West Kilbride Portrait
Lord McNicol of West Kilbride
Vice Chair
Labour - Life peer
Joined: 29th December 2021
Lord Austin of Dudley Portrait
Lord Austin of Dudley
Vice Chair
Non-affiliated - Life peer
Joined: 29th December 2021
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John Spellar MP, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA. Tel: 020 7219 0674.


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