Cost of Living: Wales

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Question to the Wales Office:

To ask Her Majesty's Government when the Secretary of State for Wales last met the First Minister of Wales to discuss cost of living issues.

This question was answered on 14th April 2022

The Secretary of State for Wales last met with the First Minister of Wales on 23rd March in a meeting led by the Minister for Intergovernmental Relations, during which the cost of living was raised.

The UK Government recognises the challenges people are facing and we have provided a range of support to tackle the rising cost of living. For example, we have provided a £200 energy bill discount for households across the whole of the UK, including Wales. We have also provided an additional £180 million in Barnett to the Welsh Government to recognise the Council Tax Energy rebate in England. This is part of a support package worth around £20 billion over this financial year and next.

In addition to this we have increased the National Living Wage to £9.50, which means an extra £1,000 per year in gross wages for a full-time worker. We expect this increase to the National Living Wage, along with rises to the National Minimum Wage, to give a pay rise to around 120,000 workers in Wales.

Furthermore, the Government have reduced the Universal Credit taper rate from 63% to 55% and are increasing Universal Credit work allowances by £500 per annum. These together will see some households keep on average around £1,000 per year and is essentially providing a tax cut for the lowest paid in society UK wide worth around £2.2 bn in 2022-23.

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