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Question to the Department for International Development:

To ask the hon. Member for Perth and North Perthshire, representing the House of Commons Commission, what personal protective equipment is available for staff working on the Parliamentary Estate during the covid-19 outbreak; and if he will make a statement.

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Pete Wishart Portrait
Pete Wishart
Shadow SNP Leader of the House of Commons
This question was answered on 3rd June 2020

The provision of personal protective equipment to protect against coronavirus has been guided by Public Health England. After a review, they have advised that the only work on the estate that requires face masks for protection against the coronavirus is undertaken by the occupational health team.

Aprons and face masks for use by security officers are available for the security team to wear whilst processing a person through search and screening if they wish, but they are not an essential risk control.

Staff who normally wear PPE to protect themselves, for example those exposed to dusts, will continue to do so.

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