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Question to the Department for Transport:

To ask the Secretary of State for Transport, what his Department's regulations are for GB stickers and vehicle licence plates for travel abroad; and if he will publish the impact assessment that preceded the recent change of that designation from from GB to UK.

Answered by
Rachel Maclean Portrait
Rachel Maclean
Parliamentary Under-Secretary (Home Office)
This question was answered on 12th July 2021

We have made no changes to the regulations on number plates which continue to allow motorists of vehicles registered in Great Britain to display:

UNITED KINGDOM, United Kingdom or UK

GREAT BRITAIN, Great Britain or GB

ENGLAND, England, ENG or Eng

SCOTLAND, Scotland, SCO or Sco

CYMRU, Cymru, CYM or Cym

WALES or Wales

All options remain available to motorists. A UK sticker or identifier is only needed for those travelling abroad.

As there were no changes to regulations, an Impact Assessment has not been prepared.

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