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29 Jun 2018, 12:56 p.m. Holly Lynch MP (Labour - Halifax) Holly Lynch MP (Labour - Halifax)

Question to the Ministry of Justice

To ask the Secretary of State for Justice, how many people are waiting to have their appeal heard at a Tribunal for (a) personal independence payments and (b) employment and support allowance in the Halifax constituency.

Answer (Rory Stewart)

Latest figures indicate that since PIP was introduced, more than 3.1 million decisions have been made, and of these under 9% have been appealed and 4% have been overturned. For ESA the figure is only 8% of decisions made were appealed and 4% have been overturned at tribunals.

The information requested is in the table below:

Number of cases that are ready to list1 for a hearing in the Bradford Venue2


Personal Independence Payment3

Employment Support Allowance4

31 March 2018



  1. Ready to list includes cases waiting to be listed for a tribunal hearing. These cases may have already had an initial hearing and be awaiting a subsequent hearing.
  2. Social Security and Child Support appeals are normally registered to the venue nearest to the appellant’s home address. We cannot retrieve data based on the appellant’s actual address, but can produce reports detailing the numbers of cases that were dealt with at one of our Regional Centres or heard at a specific venue. Cases relating to Halifax constituency are registered to the Bradford venue. The above figures relate to all cases outstanding at the Bradford venue rather than just those for the Halifax constituency.
  3. Personal Independent Payment (New Claim Appeals) which replaces Disability Living Allowance was introduced on the 8 April 2013, also includes Personal Independent Claims (Reassessments)
  4. Includes Employment Support Allowance and Employment Support Allowance (reassessments)

Although care is taken when processing and analysing the data, the details are subject to inaccuracies inherent in any large-scale management system and are the best data available.

The data may differ slightly to those of the published stats as these data were run on a different date.

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