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Secondary Schools: Arts Subjects

Lord Addington Excerpts
Monday 7th June 2021

(4 months, 2 weeks ago)

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Department for Education
Baroness Berridge Portrait Baroness Berridge (Con)
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My Lords, the Government have made clear in all the guidance that we have issued to schools that they should be delivering that balanced curriculum, which includes the arts and cultural activities. We recognise not just the innovative thinking that comes from cultural activities, but the pupil well-being that is often related.

Lord Addington Portrait Lord Addington (LD)
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My Lords, to follow the noble Baroness, arts and creative activity are seen to be a direct enhancer of other subjects. Where is this taken into account when setting targets? If you are to get the best out of this, you will have to make sure that people actively get involved and have opportunities at school. If you do not, you will cut down grades.

Baroness Berridge Portrait Baroness Berridge (Con)
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My Lords, in relation to input, DCMS recently did a taking-part survey and well over 90% of students have taken part in some kind of cultural activity, ranging from carnivals to music. It is a specific criterion of many programmes, such as the National Youth Dance Company and the national youth music orchestras, to include children with special education needs.