Civil Partnerships, Marriages and Deaths (Registration Etc.) Bill Debate

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Civil Partnerships, Marriages and Deaths (Registration Etc.) Bill

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Having sat through debates on all the relevant legislation, I believe it is not possible to be simultaneously in a civil partnership and a marriage. That is not allowed under either of the laws.

Baroness Deech Portrait Baroness Deech (CB)
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My Lords, I support the noble Lord, Lord Lexden, because there is unfairness to siblings and I do not go along with the rather emotional arguments that it is somehow inappropriate to extend any form of union to them. There is no solid evidence behind that; it is simply subjective. I hope the Government will treat them fairly one day, if not today.

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My Lords, perhaps I may make a very small but important point. Proposed new Clause 1(7) refers to regulations being made for civil partnerships to be converted,

“into marriage and vice versa”.

This would require quite a bit of consultation with the Church of England and, I think, with the Church in Wales.