Debates between Lord Watts and Baroness Thornton during the 2019-2024 Parliament

Thu 23rd May 2024

Victims and Prisoners Bill

Debate between Lord Watts and Baroness Thornton
Lord Watts Portrait Lord Watts (Lab)
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I will make just one point to the Minister: will the direction and guidance given to the data controller say that the information being found to be vexatious will be an automatic reason to delete it? As soon as something is found not to be true, it should be deleted and the data controller should have the obligation to remove it straightaway.

Baroness Thornton Portrait Baroness Thornton (Lab)
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My Lords, I welcome this amendment. Congratulations all round are due to the noble Baronesses, Lady Morgan, Lady Finn and Lady Brinton, and the Ministers. I take issue with what the noble Lord, Lord Russell, said: negotiating with your own party is every bit as challenging as negotiating from outside—I speak from experience—but this is a very good example of the point of the House of Lords. When we do this sort of work, we can take an issue that is clearly an injustice, as my honourable friend Stella Creasy has experienced, along with others—mostly women—and persuade the Government to take action. That is the right thing to have done.