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Open Petition since 21st December 2020

Recall Parliament now to scrutinise new Christmas coronavirus restrictions - 12,274 Signatures
(Estimated Final Signatures: 12,274 - 1 added in the past 24hrs)

Ministers must urgently request that the Speaker recall Parliament, due to the overwhelming public interest in MPs scrutinising, debating and voting on the Government's new coronavirus restrictions that criminalise family contact over the Christmas period.

The Government responsed to this petition on 11th January 2021 (View Full Response)
At the Government's request, Parliament was recalled on 30 December and 6 January. Regulations relating to covid-19 restrictions and measures for a national lockdown were debated respectively by MPs.
Open Petition since 14th April 2021

Make lying in the House of Commons a criminal offence - 6,521 Signatures
(Estimated Final Signatures: 7,299 - 23 added in the past 24hrs)

The Government should introduce legislation to make lying in the House of Commons a criminal offence. This would mean that all MPs, including Ministers, would face a serious penalty for knowingly making false statements in the House of Commons, as is the case in a court of law.

Open Petition since 30th October 2020

Increase food and drink prices for MPs in House of Commons catering venues - 4,216 Signatures
(Estimated Final Signatures: 4,216 - 2 added in the past 24hrs)

This Government voted to not establish free school meal provision during non-term time in the middle of a pandemic and needs to show solidarity. Prices for food and drink for MPs should therefore be increased to market rates in House of Commons catering venues.

Open Petition since 7th December 2020

Ban MPs from having shares or positions in any businesses - 867 Signatures
(Estimated Final Signatures: 867 - 1 added in the past 24hrs)

MPs should not be allowed to hold shares in any businesses, and should not be allowed to hold either paid or voluntary positions in any private sector organisation.

Open Petition since 1st April 2021

Create new body to oversee and sanction MPs for dishonesty - 334 Signatures
(Estimated Final Signatures: 432 - 7 added in the past 24hrs)

Misleading voters, including by the use of incorrect or false information, is an abuse of their democratic rights. To protect democracy there must be an independent body with the remit to determine if MPs' have misled or lied to the public. This body must be free from MP and Party influence.

Open Petition since 10th May 2021

Introduce Legislation to Prevent Convicted Sex Offenders Serving As MP - 400 Signatures
(Estimated Final Signatures: 420 - 1 added in the past 24hrs)

This petition proposes the introduction of legislation that would mean automatic disqualification of any MP convicted of any sex offence under the Sexual Offences Act 2003.

Open Petition since 23rd November 2020

Immediately allow MPs to virtually participate in all Parliamentary proceedings - 385 Signatures
(Estimated Final Signatures: 385 - 1 added in the past 24hrs)

It is incumbent on the government to act now in the interest of both MPs and their constituents to allow MPs who can't attend in person to participate virtually in Parliamentary debates and procedures, and to ensure all MPs and therefore all constituents have their voices heard in Parliament.

Open Petition since 5th March 2021

Remove the Queens consent requirement for legislative bills - 112 Signatures
(Estimated Final Signatures: 171 - 2 added in the past 24hrs)

Remove the Queens Consent requirements for debating bills that may effect Royal prerogatives.

Including the Prince's Consent rules for matters affecting the Duchy of Lancaster and the Duchy of Cornwall.

Open Petition since 29th October 2020

Ban MPs from having paid second jobs - 95 Signatures
(Estimated Final Signatures: 95 - 4 added in the past 24hrs)

The Government should bring forward legislation that prohibits MPs from undertaking paid work whilst they are serving as an MP.

MPs already earn a sizeable salary and have a large workload, therefore they should not require or need additional salaries from other work.

Open Petition since 22nd April 2021

Speaker of the House of Commons to cease to be a constituency MP once appointed - 40 Signatures
(Estimated Final Signatures: 74 - 1 added in the past 24hrs)

The Speaker of the House has to be impartial and cannot have any party political affiliations. He/she cannot speak or vote in the commons. This means the Speakers constituents are not truly represented in Parliament. This is undemocratic and should be remedied.

Open Petition since 29th April 2021

Make random drug/alcohol testing mandatory for Members of Parliament - 27 Signatures
(Estimated Final Signatures: 63 - 1 added in the past 24hrs)

Introduce a drug/alcohol screening programme for Members of Parliament to ensure they are in a fit state to represent the electorate.

Open Petition since 18th January 2021

Re-establish the cross-party committee examining Britain’s relations with the EU - 51 Signatures
(Estimated Final Signatures: 58 - 2 added in the past 24hrs)

The Government has allowed the cross-party committee examining Britain’s relations with the EU to be disbanded, in what could be seen as a cynical attempt to avoid scrutiny. We demand that the committee be re-established immediately.

Open Petition since 3rd December 2020

Make it mandatory for MPs to publish their annual personal tax returns - 47 Signatures
(Estimated Final Signatures: 47 - 1 added in the past 24hrs)

Following the spending review on Nov 25th, it seems likely that significant tax rises will be required to pay for the cost of Covid-19 economic support measures. To demonstrate that "we're all in it together", MPs should publish their tax returns to show the tax they pay to the public.

Open Petition since 20th April 2021

MPs to be tested, vaccinated and wear a mask in order to attend Parliament - 24 Signatures
(Estimated Final Signatures: 41 - 1 added in the past 24hrs)

MPs to partake in testing, 3 times per week, to be vaccinated and to wear masks in order to physically attend Parliament.

Open Petition since 18th May 2021

Codify the UK Constitution into a single document following public consultation - 16 Signatures
(Estimated Final Signatures: 37 - 1 added in the past 24hrs)

The UK Constitution is one of the few uncodified Constitutions in the world. Following a public consultation to hear their views, the Government should bring together all relevant laws and conventions into a single, codified Constitution.