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Open Petiton

Lower the cost of British Citizenship applications to £372.

Current Signatures: 17,425
Estimated Final Signatures: 41,682 (c. 215 added daily)

The government should lower the fees of citizenship to make it more accessible for the people eligible. It only costs the Home Office £372 to process the application.

Open Petiton

Offer Indefinite Leave to Remain to all NHS and social care workers

Current Signatures: 14,961
Estimated Final Signatures: 35,461 (c. 175 added daily)

The Government should introduce legislation to offer non-UK NHS workers and social care workers automatic Indefinite Leave to Remain as they stay and risk their own lives and their families lives to look after the British people during the COVID -19 pandemic crisis.

Open Petiton

Revoke rules for refusing or cancelling permission to stay for rough sleepers

Current Signatures: 40,085
Estimated Final Signatures: 73,132 (c. 389 added daily)

The Government should scrap rule changes that came into effect on 1 December that will allow non-UK nationals to have permission to stay refused or cancelled for rough sleeping. Rough sleeping numbers have increased dramatically since the pandemic, particularly among those with NRPF status.

Open Petiton

Do not pass the Covert Human Intelligence Sources Criminal Conduct Bill

Current Signatures: 11,144
Estimated Final Signatures: 13,720 (c. 73 added daily)

Prevent the Criminal Conduct Bill from being passed.

Open Petiton

Introduce super visa category for parents of British citizens.

Current Signatures: 19,192
Estimated Final Signatures: 21,700 (c. 105 added daily)

Parents for British citizens are treated differently if they reside in countries outside the EU and are not EU citizens and the current rules allow for the settlement of parents under ADR very difficult, so we are looking for a middle ground as it is done in Canada with SUPER VISA.

Closed Petiton February 2021

Include Windrush generations in British Nationality Act Remedial Order

Final Signatures: 10,059

The Government should expand the British Nationality Act Remedial Order to cover the Windrush generation and their descendants, as they have historic rights to apply to become British citizens.

Closed Petiton January 2021

Protect Retail Workers from Abuse, Threats and Violence.

Final Signatures: 104,354

Enact legislation to protect retail workers. This legislation must create a specific offence of abusing, threatening or assaulting a retail worker. The offence must carry a penalty that acts as a deterrent and makes clear that abuse of retail workers is unacceptable.

Closed Petiton February 2021

Free leaseholders trapped in new build properties by post-Grenfell EWS1 form

Final Signatures: 33,104

Fire safety is a natural concern within the building sector after the Grenfell tragedy.

The EWS1 form is designed to identify tall buildings where lives are at risk, but leaseholders in safe, modern, and even <18m buildings are left unable to sell or remortgage as lenders demand invasive surveys.

Closed Petiton January 2021

Create an Official Racial Offenders Register/Scheme

Final Signatures: 10,979

Similar to Sarahs Law and Clares Law, we are asking the Government to create a register for racial offenders so organisations can find out if potential employees have a history of racial related offences before they are recruited into diverse organisations.

Closed Petiton February 2021

We the British People Request a Public Inquiry into Grooming Gangs

Final Signatures: 31,211

The Home Secretary said what happened to victims of child sexual exploitation gangs was “one of the biggest stains on our country’s conscience.” Last year local authorities identified 18,700 suspected victims of child sexual exploitation. We want an independent public inquiry into Grooming Gangs.

Closed Petiton February 2021

Reinstate the pre-2012 Overseas Domestic Worker visa with a route to settlement

Final Signatures: 12,724

We want the Government to reinstate the pre-2012 Overseas Domestic Worker visa in order to enable migrant domestic workers to renew their visas (which are currently capped at 6 months) and to ensure there is a route to settlement (also known as Indefinite Leave to Remain).

Closed Petiton December 2020

Require all police officers to take Anti-Racism education

Final Signatures: 27,846

Black And Minority Ethnic people especially Black people are more likely to be stopped & searched, and arrested, than white people. To be anti-racist isn't enough. All UK citizens should be and continue to learn how to be actively anti-racist AND especially those in power such as police officers.

Closed Petiton January 2021

Take action to stop illegal immigration and rapidly remove illegal immigrants

Final Signatures: 126,440

Illegal immigrants are entering the UK in many different ways, including small boats from France which are not stopped by either French or British forces.

Closed Petiton January 2021

Reduce the minimum time required for ILR to 3 years for non-UK NHS workers

Final Signatures: 11,567

The Government should reduce the minimum time requirement for Indefinite Leave to remain for non-british NHS workers, as is already the case for some other Categories where the continuous period is less than 5 years.

Closed Petiton January 2021

Allow the British public to vote on the legalisation of cannabis

Final Signatures: 18,246

During the covid19 lockdown, up to 90% of the British public followed the UK governments instructions to self isolate and to practise social distancing. We did as you asked, so now allow the people to vote on the full legalisation of cannabis, medicinally and recreationally. It should be our choice.

Closed Petiton December 2020

Automatically grant indefinite leave to remain for parents of British citizens

Final Signatures: 13,866

British children of non-British parents tend to live below the level of other British children. Their parents are faced with the high cost of renewal of their limited leave to remain and high cost of living with many not having access to public fund thereby affecting their welfare.

Closed Petiton November 2020

Amnesty for UK undocumented immigrants in this COVID-19 World pandemic

Final Signatures: 16,054

This petition calls for amnesty for undocumented immigrants living in UK during the COVID-19 pandemic, many of whom are surviving with life threatening fear, and may have no income, recognition, access to food or GPs.

Closed Petiton November 2020

Extend Tier-4 visas and waive third-term tuition fee for international students

Final Signatures: 10,284

• We request the government to extend the Tier-4 visas of all the international students (Whoever joined any one-year PG course in September 2019) by six months.
• We request you to waive the third term tuition fee as we are not able to use most of the university’s resources except online teaching

Closed Petiton October 2020

Give non-British citizens who are NHS workers automatic citizenship

Final Signatures: 72,624

Give NHS workers who are EU and other Nationals automatic UK citizenship if they stay and risk their own lives looking after the British people during the COVID crisis.

Closed Petiton October 2020

Bring back the death penalty

Final Signatures: 12,691

The death penalty should be an option for convicted terrorists, mass murderers, serial rapists, paedophiles and child killers. Only one appeal should be allowed, with no right to legal aid, which must be lodged and heard within 3 months of conviction.

Closed Petiton October 2020

Extended Visas indefinitely for International Students.

Final Signatures: 15,320

To extend Visa stay rights for Tier 4 and other Student Visas that will potentially be affected by delayed Uni submissions and graduations due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Also opening up temporary relaxation on Visa work rights and extra funding for international students whose studies are affected.

Closed Petiton September 2020

Create an earned amnesty route for migrants without leave to remain

Final Signatures: 24,242

Create an organised and earned scheme for migrants in the UK without leave to remain to earn amnesty and secure leave to remain to enable them to live with dignity and contribute to the UK's economy.

Closed Petiton January 2021

Revoke the right of registered sex offenders to change their name by deed poll

Final Signatures: 37,417

The Safeguarding Alliance have found there remains a serious loophole, whereby registered sex offenders are able to change their name by deed poll, and go under the radar of all authorities, putting societies most vulnerable at considerable risk of harm.

Closed Petiton September 2020

Ban wearing face coverings in public places.

Final Signatures: 16,983

Very recently the Sri Lankan and Tunisian governments have banned full face coverings and coverings where only the eyes can be seen in public places for security reasons. We should too.

Closed Petiton September 2020

Release the Home Office's Grooming Gang Review in full

Final Signatures: 131,625

The Government is refusing to release official research on the characteristics of grooming gangs, claiming it is not in the “public interest”.

We, the British public, demand the release of the official research on grooming gangs undertaken by the Government in full.