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Open Petition since 14th October 2021

Renationalise the NHS, scrap integrated care systems, and end PFI contracts - 134,482 Signatures
(Estimated Final Signatures: 139,743 - 69 added in the past 24hrs)

We demand the Government restore England’s publicly funded, publicly provided NHS by reversing all privatising legislation, ending ongoing PFI contracts, and scrapping plans for Integrated Care Systems and for-profit US-style ‘managed care’.

The Government responsed to this petition on 23rd December 2021 (View Full Response)
The government has been steadfast in its commitment to the guiding principles of the NHS which mean the NHS is not and never will be for sale to the private sector.
Open Petition since 28th September 2021

Referendum in the United Kingdom to abolish the Coronavirus Act. - 106,328 Signatures
(Estimated Final Signatures: 115,163 - 136 added in the past 24hrs)

The government as a matter of urgency, to bring to Parliament for approval, legislation to have a referendum on the above subject within a maximum of six months.

The Government responsed to this petition on 15th October 2021 (View Full Response)
The Coronavirus Act has proved to be both necessary and highly successful in enabling governments across the UK to support people, and the public services they rely on, whilst combatting the pandemic.
Open Petition since 13th January 2022

Fund research into any relationship between microclots and long Covid and ME - 4,803 Signatures
(Estimated Final Signatures: 104,214 - 566 added in the past 24hrs)

The Government should fund urgent research into the possible relationship between vascular dysfunction like microclots and platelet hyperactivation and both long Covid and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, This could help develop diagnosis and treatment protocols for people suffering from these conditions.

Open Petition since 30th December 2021

Legalise assisted dying for terminally ill, mentally competent adults - 11,734 Signatures
(Estimated Final Signatures: 93,588 - 10,783 added in the past 24hrs)

The Government should bring forward legislation to allow assisted dying for adults who are terminally ill and have mental capacity. It should be permitted subject to strict upfront safeguards, assessed by two doctors independently, and self-administered by the dying person.

Open Petition since 6th December 2021

Open a Public Inquiry into Covid-19 Vaccine Safety - 63,095 Signatures
(Estimated Final Signatures: 91,793 - 207 added in the past 24hrs)

There has been a significant increase in heart attacks and related health issues since the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccines began in 2021. This needs immediate and full scientific investigation to establish if there is any possible link with the Covid-19 vaccination rollout.

The Government responsed to this petition on 5th January 2022 (View Full Response)
The Government commissioned a public inquiry into the pandemic and has no plans for a vaccine safety inquiry. Our surveillance strategy for COVID-19 vaccines provides continuous safety monitoring.
Open Petition since 13th September 2021

Invest urgently in the NHS cancer workforce in the autumn Spending Review - 55,584 Signatures
(Estimated Final Signatures: 56,872 - 24 added in the past 24hrs)

Covid-19 exposed the terrible strain the NHS cancer workforce has been under for years. This is now the greatest threat facing the NHS. We are calling for the Government to use the Spending Review to fund the additional provision of NHS staff to diagnose, treat and care for cancer patients.

The Government responsed to this petition on 19th October 2021 (View Full Response)
Cancer diagnosis and treatment has remained a priority throughout the pandemic. Funding for the NHS workforce will be confirmed as part of the Spending Review.
Open Petition since 8th December 2021

Do not make vaccination against Covid-19 mandatory - 24,620 Signatures
(Estimated Final Signatures: 50,216 - 182 added in the past 24hrs)

Do not under any circumstances make vaccination against Covid-19 a requirement for the public. To coerce in the form of fines or otherwise, as is being proposed in Austria, would be a grotesque violation of bodily autonomy.

The Government responsed to this petition on 30th December 2021 (View Full Response)
The United Kingdom operates a system of informed consent for vaccinations. We are encouraging people to get vaccinated to reduce serious illness, reduce pressure on hospitals and reduce deaths.
Open Petition since 18th August 2021

Protect free NHS prescriptions for over 60s - 40,723 Signatures
(Estimated Final Signatures: 48,357 - 462 added in the past 24hrs)

Continue to give free NHS prescriptions to over 60s. The Government is consulting on aligning the upper age exemption for NHS prescription charges with the State Pension age (SPA), which would render many people in their 60s ineligible.

Open Petition since 6th September 2021

Amend the Health and Care Bill to protect the NHS. - 45,873 Signatures
(Estimated Final Signatures: 46,853 - 21 added in the past 24hrs)

1. Make the NHS the default for NHS contracts and tender competitively if not;
2. Ensure governance by those whose fiduciary duty is to patients rather than to shareholders.
3. Retain the duty on the Health Secretary to provide a high quality health and care service, free at the point of use.

The Government responsed to this petition on 29th October 2021 (View Full Response)
Protecting the NHS is of the utmost importance to the Government. We are committed to ensuring the NHS continues to provide excellent care that is free at the point of need for generations to come.
Open Petition since 28th September 2021

Do not put fluoride in all tap water. - 38,143 Signatures
(Estimated Final Signatures: 42,752 - 72 added in the past 24hrs)

On the 23rd of September 2021, the UK's four chief medical officers recommended adding fluoride to all tap water 'in order to combat tooth decay'. It is expected that ministers will soon implement this.

There is however, scientific literature on the negatives of adding fluoride to mains water.

The Government responsed to this petition on 14th October 2021 (View Full Response)
Water fluoridation is a safe and effective public health measure to improve oral health. Public consultation will be an important part of the process ahead of introducing any new schemes.
Open Petition since 12th January 2022

Review and reform Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services - 2,743 Signatures
(Estimated Final Signatures: 32,432 - 170 added in the past 24hrs)

The Government should commission an urgent and thorough review of the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) to ensure it adequately supports children and young people.

Open Petition since 6th August 2021

Recall Parliament to debate vaccination of children before this is rolled out - 28,002 Signatures
(Estimated Final Signatures: 28,093 - 8 added in the past 24hrs)

Parliament should debate vaccination of children, before any healthy children are vaccinated. A full explanation of the reasons for the change in the JCVI's advice should be provided for the debate. No vaccinations of non-vulnerable children should take place until after the debate has been held.

The Government responsed to this petition on 2nd November 2021 (View Full Response)
Government evaluated evidence and assessed expert opinion before deciding to routinely vaccinate children and young people. MPs had the option to be briefed and raise questions during an All MP call.
Open Petition since 21st December 2021

Exempt NHS workers who have recovered from COVID from vaccination requirements - 4,539 Signatures
(Estimated Final Signatures: 25,880 - 186 added in the past 24hrs)

Exempt NHS staff from vaccination requirements if they have recovered from COVID. We believe that it is a person’s immune status and not their vaccination status which is most important.

Open Petition since 22nd November 2021

Do not make COVID vaccination a requirement for health and social care workers - 7,944 Signatures
(Estimated Final Signatures: 22,001 - 490 added in the past 24hrs)

The Government should not make vaccination against COVID a requirement for frontline health and social care workers. We believe this is contrary to basic human rights to decide whether to receive medical treatment based on personal choice and conscience.

Open Petition since 19th July 2021

Appoint an Allergy Tsar as a champion for people living with allergies - 20,492 Signatures
(Estimated Final Signatures: 20,496 - 13 added in the past 24hrs)

The Government should appoint an Allergy Tsar to act as a champion for people with allergies to ensure they receive appropriate support and joined up health care to prevent avoidable deaths and ill health.

The Government responsed to this petition on 25th August 2021 (View Full Response)
People with allergies continue to be supported through locally commissioned NHS services. New legislation is also being implemented to support those with food allergies through clearer food labelling.