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Open Petiton

Prioritise Key Retail Workers, being offered the Covid Vaccine!

Current Signatures: 46,784
Estimated Final Signatures: 140,337 (c. 766 added daily)

Prioritise the roll out of the vaccine for key retail workers!
Supermarket workers etc.. kept the nation fed when everything else was closed. They were called ‘hero’s’ and should be high on the list of first people to receive the vaccine.

Open Petiton

Make prison staff top priority as key workers to recieve the covid 19 vaccine

Current Signatures: 12,888
Estimated Final Signatures: 39,238 (c. 210 added daily)

Prison staff are not even on the list to recieve the vaccine let alone top priority! How will the virus stop coming into the hmps unless staff are vaccinated? Prisoners are now rountinely tested for covid upon entering a hmp but as far as staff go its not mandatory to betested. The vaccine is needed

Open Petiton

Prioritise special school staff in Covid 19 vaccinations.

Current Signatures: 29,366
Estimated Final Signatures: 85,171 (c. 460 added daily)

The unique requirements of working with children with additional needs means that social distancing and effective use of PPE is virtually impossible. Vaccinating special school staff will also offer protection to the children and their families.

Open Petiton

Include public transport workers in priority groups for covid 19 vaccination

Current Signatures: 12,233
Estimated Final Signatures: 31,156 (c. 166 added daily)

Include public transport workers especially those who are in public facing roles to be included in one of the priority groups for vaccination.

Open Petiton

After the vaccine roll-out to high risk groups, remove ALL covid-19 restrictions

Current Signatures: 11,437
Estimated Final Signatures: 29,041 (c. 148 added daily)

As soon as all vulnerable members of the population (the elderly and those with certain underlying health conditions) have been protected through vaccination, all covid restrictions should be swiftly removed.

Open Petiton

Prioritise COVID-19 vaccines for first responders (police, fire, ambulance)

Current Signatures: 68,105
Estimated Final Signatures: 167,453 (c. 870 added daily)

The British Government need to prioritise and deploy the COVID-19 vaccine to First Responders alongside NHS workers. First Responders are at a higher risk of contracting and transmitting COVID-19 due to their increased level of exposure with the general public every day and lack of regular testing.

Open Petiton

Prioritise vaccinations for people with a learning disability

Current Signatures: 25,965
Estimated Final Signatures: 51,110 (c. 273 added daily)

The government should ensure that people with learning disabilities are high on the priority list for vaccination.

Shockingly, young people with learning disabilities aged 18-34 are thirty times more likely to die from Covid-19 than those without a learning disability,

Open Petiton

Repeal Coronavirus Act and end all Covid-19 restrictions

Current Signatures: 36,566
Estimated Final Signatures: 68,073 (c. 361 added daily)

Repeal Emergency Coronavirus Act. No further National Lockdowns, abolish Tiered restrictions, restore civil liberties & freedoms and increase focus on education, guidance, advice and best practices.

Open Petiton

Create an Emergency Carers Support Fund to increase care worker wages

Current Signatures: 24,103
Estimated Final Signatures: 45,585 (c. 236 added daily)

The Government should support the 1.6 million care workers who, like me, are caring for our most vulnerable during COVID-19, by immediately creating a £3.9billion Emergency Carers Support Fund so we all receive at least the Living Wage Foundation’s recommended hourly rate of £9.50 (£10.85 London).

Open Petiton

Do not implement Covid-19 Freedom Passes

Current Signatures: 20,498
Estimated Final Signatures: 37,873 (c. 201 added daily)

We ask the Government not to proceed with any plans for the implementation of Freedom Passes. For these to be in force it requires the bearer to consent to at least twice weekly tests.

Open Petiton

Ensure student nurses and midwives are paid for working during Covid-19

Current Signatures: 35,898
Estimated Final Signatures: 54,481 (c. 289 added daily)

The Government needs to ensure healthcare students that are placing themselves at risk on the frontline of the NHS are fairly remunerated. Students are also not expressly included in the Coronavirus Life Assurance Scheme and no longer have the choice to opt-out of practice.

Open Petiton

Ensure Student Nurses are paid whilst on placement

Current Signatures: 48,683
Estimated Final Signatures: 64,038 (c. 340 added daily)

Provide pay whilst student nurses are working on placement to earn a living for their family and increase mental well-being as working with covid19 for free is detrimental to the future nursing workforce

Open Petiton

Ensure access to treatment and screening for all cancer patients during Covid-19

Current Signatures: 37,502
Estimated Final Signatures: 44,407 (c. 235 added daily)

I want the Government to make provisions, such as increased funding for the NHS, to ensure cancer patients still receive care including operations, scans, medications and chemotherapy during Covid-19. This should also ensure patients who need to be screened for potential cancers can access this.

Open Petiton

Publish false positive and negative Covid-19 test data for Pillar 2

Current Signatures: 11,085
Estimated Final Signatures: 12,706 (c. 67 added daily)

The Government should publish the false positive and negative test results data for PCR tests on Pillar 2 since the outbreak began, and include these results alongside the graphs and other data the government already publishes on our response to the Covid pandemic.

Open Petiton

Do not implement proposed changes to Human Medicine Regulations

Current Signatures: 22,077
Estimated Final Signatures: 22,353 (c. 116 added daily)

We reject all of the UK Governments proposals outlined in their Consultation document from Aug 28th 2020 that proposes changes to Human Medicine Regulations to support the roll out of COVID-19 vaccines that would simplify the temporary authorisation, supply, use and promotion of unlicensed products.

Closed Petiton March 2021

Test for cervical cell changes, regardless of HPV negative results

Final Signatures: 13,307

Commit to testing for cervical cell changes, regardless of the HPV result.

With the latest changes, if you do not have high-risk HPV, your sample will not be looked at for cell changes. This will without a doubt increase cervical cancer deaths and later stage diagnosis.

Closed Petiton February 2021

Fund research into improving the safety of contraceptive options

Final Signatures: 12,282

The side effects of the contraceptive pill & other methods like the coil can be extremely damaging & range from anxiety, depression, strokes & heart attacks. Current forms of contraception can affect hormone balance which can cause a range of different issues, yet we have little to no options.

Closed Petiton February 2021

Include Sickle Cell Anemia in the List of Illnesses Eligible for a MedEx Card

Final Signatures: 30,361

I am calling for Parliament to include Sickle Cell Anemia as a listed illness eligible for a Medical Exemption Card.

Closed Petiton February 2021

Stop the plan to include calorie counts on menus

Final Signatures: 18,288

PM Boris Johnson recently promoted the idea of including calorie counts on restaurant menus to "tackle obesity". We, the undersigned, are asking that this does NOT happen. Calories are not a constructive way to determine full nutritional value, and we ask the government to consider other factors.

Closed Petiton February 2021

Lower the age that breast screening services are offered

Final Signatures: 13,900

I would like the breast screening age to be lowered and offered to men. The screening programme says that it is more common for 50+ year olds to be diagnosed with breast cancer however I was 27 when diagnosed. I have had to undergo chemotherapy and will need surgery and radiotherapy.

Open Petiton

Review triage procedures used by NHS maternity wards

Current Signatures: 10,711
Estimated Final Signatures: 10,858 (c. 43 added daily)

The Government should review how maternity wards triage patients, with a view to mandating a standard risk assessment based system for maternity and triage; assessing every patient within 15 minutes and prioritising care based on urgency, should be implemented.

Closed Petiton January 2021

Improve care, support and treatment for children with rare diseases

Final Signatures: 28,332

3.5 million people in the UK will be affected by a rare disease at some point in their lives. 95% of rare diseases have no treatment and 50% of those affected are children; 1 in 3 do not live to see their 5th birthday. These children can wait years for a diagnosis and some just never receive one.

Closed Petiton March 2021

Provide funding for surgical correction of Pectus Excavatum

Final Signatures: 16,916

I would like the government to provide funding for surgical correction of Pectus Excavatum on the NHS, following the decision by NHS England not to include it in its commissioning policy.

Closed Petiton January 2021

Increase funding for research into Endometriosis and PCOS.

Final Signatures: 101,909

Endometriosis and PCOS are two gynaecological conditions which both affect 10% of women worldwide, but both are, in terms of research and funding, incredibly under prioritised. This petition is calling for more funding, to enable for new, extensive and thorough research into female health issues.

Closed Petiton February 2021

Add Crohn’s & Colitis to the Medically Exempt Certificate

Final Signatures: 13,876

Crohn’s & Colitis are lifelong Inflammatory Bowel Diseases with no current cure. Living with a chronic condition is physically, mentally and emotionally draining. Knowing you have to take medication for the rest of your life is tough, but that medication doesn’t come free, or cheap.