Hybrid Bills of the 2022-23 Session

1 Bill progressed beyond Second Reading in the first house

These bills have passed the first substantive debate on the initial draft of the Bill (Second Reading) and are now in the process of review and amendment of bill text by a Bill Committee. For the Commons, Bill Committees are formed of around 20 MPs, whereas in the Lords, a Committee of the Whole House is usually formed.

For Commons Private Members Bills, the most difficult hurdle is to pass Second Reading, due to lack of time for the debate. Since 1986, every Government Bill has passed Second Reading.

A Bill to make provision for expenditure by the Secretary of State and the removal of restrictions in respect of certain land for or in connection with the construction of a Holocaust Memorial and Learning Centre.

Commons - 60%

Last Event - Select Committee Stage
Wednesday 10th January 2024
Next Event - Committee Of The Whole House
Wednesday 22nd May 2024