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First Registered: 28/09/2017 • Last updated on: 27/01/2021

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To foster good relations between the two republics and the UK, particularly between the three parliaments and their embassies.

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Recent Documents related to Czech Republic and Slovakia

1. Asymmetries in international trade in goods statistics: UK measured against EU Member States, 2016 to 2018
15/10/2019 - HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC)
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Found: Croatia Greece Romania Czech Republic Hungary Finland Latvia Portugal Slovakia Belgium Ireland Lithuania

2. UK Science and Innovation Network Country Snapshot – Czech Republic
05/02/2020 - Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office
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Found: Science & Innovation Network Country Snapshot: Czech Republic L: \ Otakar

3. Dr Bence Nemeth - written evidence
24/04/2019 - Inquiry: Finding a diplomatic route: European responses to irregular migration - Foreign Affairs Committee
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Found: without consulting each other, while the Czech Republic and Slovakia organised military and police exercises

4. Asymmetries in international trade in goods statistics: UK measured against EU Member States, 2017 to 2019
19/11/2020 - HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC)
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Found: in 2018, but then growing to 6.2% in 2019. The Republic of Ireland saw a notable reduction in its relative

5. Ioversol (Optiray) 300 mg Iodine/ml: 100ml syringe and bottle shortage
21/05/2020 - Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)
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Found: 18K2135 31/10/2021 19E1135 30/04/2022 C zech Republic 19F1295 31/05/2022 Box of 100 ml x 10

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Recent Speeches related to Czech Republic and Slovakia

1. EU Energy Council
24/02/2017 - Written Statements

1: Europe’s future power demand.Finally, the Czech delegation will look ahead to the European nuclear - Speech Link

2. Agriculture and Fisheries Council
22/10/2015 - Written Statements

1: the Visegrad Group countries (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia) plus Bulgaria, Austria, Romania - Speech Link

3. Prisons
08/02/2018 - Lords Chamber

1: EU—exceeded only by Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia? If not, what do they propose to do about - Speech Link

4. Agriculture and Fisheries Council
03/11/2015 - Written Statements

1: The Czech Republic reported on a recent Visegrad 4—Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia—meeting - Speech Link

5. Agriculture and Fisheries Council
26/11/2015 - Written Statements

1: not come at the cost of EU unity.The Czech Republic provided a report from the conference they - Speech Link

6. Foreign Affairs Council
21/07/2016 - Written Statements

1: meeting that will take place in the Dominican Republic on 25-26 October. She also welcomed the finalisation - Speech Link

7. Digital Technology: Skilled Workforce
27/03/2017 - Lords Chamber

1: most of those people now come from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria? Will he confirm - Speech Link

8. Prisons: Self-inflicted Deaths
03/11/2016 - Lords Chamber

1: highest in Europe except for Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic—are the real problem and adopt a cross-government - Speech Link

9. Telecommunications Council
17/12/2015 - Written Statements

1: Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, the UK, Slovakia, Poland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Ireland, Latvia and Lithuania - Speech Link

10. Environment Council
03/11/2015 - Written Statements

1: industries. This was supported by France, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.Ministers debated the phasing - Speech Link

Latest Speeches
Recent Questions related to Czech Republic and Slovakia
1. Russia: Czechia and Slovakia
asked by: Nicholas Soames
... what reports he has received on alleged Russian interference in the affairs of the government of (a) the Czech Republic and (b) Slovakia.

2. INF Treaty
asked by: Viscount Waverley
... whether they are concerned by those countries' actions in that regard.

3. Catalonia: Sovereignty
asked by: Angus Brendan MacNeil
... (y) Slovenia and (z) Sweden on the jailing of Catalan politicians.

4. Administration of Justice: Czechia
asked by: David Amess
... what discussions he has had with his Czech Republic counterpart on the criminal justice system in that country.

5. British Nationals Abroad
asked by: Paul Blomfield
... (z) Spain and (i) Sweden on maintaining the rights of UK nationals in those member states in the event that the UK leaves the EU without a deal.

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Lord Anderson of Swansea
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Joined: 28th September 2017
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Lord Bowness
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Julian Lewis
Conservative - New Forest East
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Mr Ian Liddell-Grainger MP, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA. Tel: 020 7219 8149.


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Lord Anderson of Swansea, House of Lords, London SW1A 0PW. Tel: 020 7219 6562


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Helen Jones
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