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Lords Chamber
Queen’s Speech - Tue 18 May 2021
Ministry of Justice

1: ban on a demonstration than it does to work with organisers to ensure compliance with conditions. - Link
2: We did good work in this House on domestic abuse with the Act. - Link
3: Why do we need it, and what are we talking about in 2021? - Link
4: You can get on to this list just by having a GCSE pass or a low-level two-week foundation course, or - Link
5: The UNHCR has offered to work with the Government“to adopt a more sensible, humane and - Link
6: say, from politicians at all levels. - Link
7: Of course, I welcome the work of the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau and Action Fraud, but it is clear - Link
8: Campus cancel culture is a real and present danger, but I have chosen to speak today because if - Link
9: That was thanks to a wonderful teacher at a school I went to, Franz Busuttil. - Link
10: with us to develop a well-defined programme of work. - Link

Commons Chamber
Budget Resolutions - Tue 14 Mar 2017
Department for Education

1: them by providing financial security over the course of their life, and fill them with a sense of self-worth—the - Link
2: 4.2% between 2018 and 2021. - Link
3: Let us get on with the T-levels. Let us invest in English schools. - Link
4: and replace the outdated Barnett formula. - Link
5: Primary assessment is in absolute chaos: the pass rate in last year’s standard assessment tests fell - Link
6: qualifications, and with the idea of T-levels. - Link
7: pupils with special educational needs and disabilities losing vital support and teacher and school staff - Link
8: We face a crisis in teacher recruitment and retention, too. - Link
9: 1.7 grades lower at GCSE. - Link

Commons Chamber
Budget Resolutions - Wed 08 Mar 2017
No Department present

1: The Government should cancel this gimmick and reject selection and segregation. - Link
2: He spoke about an increase to the minimum wage, which is of course welcome, but ignored the assessment - Link
3: By 2021, consumer borrowing will reach 153% of household income, and I have a problem with the Government - Link
4: to £802 billion in 2021-22. - Link
5: Of course we need a review and a long-term strategy for dealing with social care. - Link
6: way as a degree, an A-level and a GCSE. - Link
7: The fact that employment has risen from 70.2% to 74.6%, with a further two thirds of a million in work - Link
8: It is unrealistic to expect people with a mortgage and kids to drop everything and do a university course - Link
9: nursery teacher dishing out sweets to children. - Link

Lords Chamber
Strategic Defence and Security Review - Fri 12 Nov 2010
Ministry of Defence

1: If the Government believe that that figure is a fair and accurate assessment of the situation, presumably - Link
2: the work that they have done in a ludicrously short period. - Link
3: rational assessment of difficult judgments that had to be made in a number of the positions that he held - Link
4: No one would want a child in the middle of the second year of their GCSE course to have to move school - Link
5: Humanitarian intervention did work in Kuwait in the early 1990s and, with eventual US support, - Link
6: effective role in anti-piracy and patrol work. - Link
7: in this work and a non-nuclear state. - Link
8: the Government’s mind as they proceed with their further work, in which I wish them, in a very difficult - Link
9: As a former school governor, I heard from the head teacher that ex-service people with teaching qualifications - Link